New Hex Cap Lineup for 2014

2014 hex lineup announced as well as pricing. Preorders can be taken now, but production is about 4 weeks from completion. All orders will be updated and ship out as soon as production is complete.

here is a rendering of the pieces being cnc machined currently, and also pricing for these sets_ As always, each set will be numbered in sequence in its production run size.

there are a few changes to the current lineup and a few new designs altogether. Here is some helpful information

-spinFAB half height conical cap production run has just about ended. This design has been retired. Its been a great run, and we are very pleased with the outcome and thank everyone for their support on these.

-our spinFAB Half height hex caps are updated with a slightly more rounded profile. we made a few tweaks to the design and rounded the head of the hex off a little for a sleeker profile. Pricing remains 199. per set of four

-NEW to the lineup: premium one third height hex caps with solid aluminum logo caps built into the design. These will have machined bbs logos or custom logos* depending on your design preferences. Prices start at 239. for a set of four. This is a limited run, each set being marked and produced to the owners standards.

-NEW to the lineup: one half height hex tops. We decided that bbs RF, Rm weren’t getting the same love as RS, and as a result, half height hex tops. Pop off your original plastic top half of your RF or RM caps and pop these billet aluminum ones on. now you can polish, plate gold, anodize, powdercoat these to match your set. Pricing 139. for a set of four

-NEW to the lineup: full height hex cap covers for bbs style 5 and bbs style 19 as well as others. Just as described, these pop over your plastic style caps and can be polished, plated, powder coated, etc. And the best part is that they fit standard 70mm 3 prong bbs logos… Pricing 139. for a set of four

pre-order will be up on shortly, and will be officially for sale in about 4 weeks when the production at our shop is complete

email if you need additional information

Weekly articles

Since the season is starting back up, and the projects are rolling in, we are going to start off our weekly blog articles where we showcase some of the stuff were up to. We are lining up videos and photoshoots as we would like to more comprehensively showcasea small part of the work that gets done over here. From solidworks models, to 3d protoyping of small parts, to machining wheel faces… And while also showcasing some of the epic cars we contribute parts, wheels, and details to.

for now, a picture or two just because


oh and a little collage of partial images as a quick tease of a few of the awesome projects we have had our hands in recently.. We will be speaking to some of these in the near future

Testing Some Colors Again

here at the studio, we like simplicity. That is true for the designs that we put out, but also in the case of the personal preferences that lead to colors that we choose and mix up.

here is an example of such a test. We love the look of raw aluminum, even moreso after it is blasted with a fine glass media. Has a slight texture, the metallic comes out in the material, etc.

One issue though… raw blasted aluminum wont look like that for long. And if we coated it with a clear powder, it loses its natural metallic flake from the blasting, and smooths out most of the light texture present from the blasting

SO…that wont work. Onto the testing

what we want is durability, subtle texture, grey silver tone, and metallic hint. a few tests for color and here is what we ended with.

and obviously polished details werent enough for this test, so we decided to plate the hex in a different manner. brushed antiqued tinted metal is basically what we ended with. the bolts are up next for that same matching treatment.

and then this led to some more color testing with regard to powder

decided that the grey cap was awesome and we wanted to see a few more versions… So we decided to shoot some special mix again, this time over a mirror polished set of caps and bolts… coupled with some metallic silver faces and this set is simple and classy.

the finish on the caps and hardware resembles black chrome. we approve! if someone wants a set with these details, we will include at no extra cost. we love the way this color combo looks

MORE TO COME… we have about 25 sets of bbs RS and bbs Rf to build to whatever specs you can think up, so if you want a set email us asap before each of these sets are called for

Check out the new inventory page above as well for current inventory that we are building

Best Wheels 2013! Invitational.SpinFab

A huge amount of work over the past few months went into the planning and building up of the re-debut of the vaporado build. Every little detail, new motor build, finishes, interior, and to cap off the debut, about a year and a half of planning for you guessed it: our very own wheel line Invitational.SpinFab #001.

Walt put the corrado in the garage about 2.5 years ago with a damaged VR big turbo motor and a huge look of disgust across all of our faces. It took a while, but we decided about a year later, that the car was done looking sad in the corner of the garage and a much needed re-debut would be huge… and so far it has been just that. A huge undertaking, but a huge debut to finish off 2013.

The Vaporado project started for Walt just about a decade ago when this particular corrado (yellow ’91 G60 car), went over to the dark side with a much more potent VR powerplant. This was pretty much the starting point of the build as we know it. The VR was good for a little while, but soon needed a large turbo to complement the motor build, and it went on from there. The mod list had grown to be a few pages long between 2004-2011. The body panels became wider, color (vapor blue) was shod on every panel, interior was stripped out and built to aim toward its future track use, bay and the body was stripped down and shaved to perfection to create a very simple silhouette to match the powertrain. With all of these details getting attention, it remained very clear from the start that the car was never meant to be a non driven show queen… The current burn marks on the firewall from the turbo and the exhaust stained rear bumper show that thing has always had its hand in activities of the fun kind.

Fast forward a few years and a few VR motors later to that 2011 moment when the car stood lifeless in the corner of the garage, and when all of the VR rebuild options seemed illogical as none held up to the task (almost as if cursed), it was decided over some drinks that the car would get a new powerplant… a 1.8t build of sorts. and that is where the plans started getting interesting for us. We knew that going direction of a different motor (never intended for a corrado) would mean basically changing and fabricating just about every detail over on this build. But thats the fun in a build which keeps everything interesting.

The car underwent a ton of fabrication work, full bottom end up motor build to a little over 2.0l in size, full ferrea valvetrain, cams, custom one off 62/62 turbo setup with custom tubular manifolds, intercooler setup, water meth, etc.. all done by a good friends shop, FFE Racing. Then lots of wiring, management, and details had to be sorted through prior to the eventual start up and tuning time. The car wound up being a test subject for Lugtronics standalone tuning along with Kevin Black, the master at the computer. It is amazing the level of specificity one can set up for just about every parameter in order to get this thing to perform at its fullest potential. Very very nice to be able to do things like plug a laptop in and make modifications to things like curing an erratic idle just minutes before leaving for a 5 hour drive.. ask us how we know

specifications list
Motor/Turbo Specs:
AEB 1.8T to 2LT Stroker
FFE Racing Custom Intake Manifold
FFE Racing Custom Tubular Topmount Vbanded Turbo Manifold
Precision 6262 Billet Turbo
Precision 46mm Wastegate
Tial Q 50mm BOV
FFE Racing Custom Intercooler Plumbing with Precision Core
FFE Racing Swirlpot
JE Pistons 9:5:1
IE Rods
Calico Bearings
ABA Crank
Full Ferrea Valvetrain
Cat Cams 3658′s
Cat Cams Adjustable Cam Sprocket
Injector Dynamics 1000cc Injectors
ARP Hardware
FFE Racing Custom Fuel Surge Tank
FFE Racing Custom Stainless 3″ Exhaust
ECU/ tuning through Lugtronics standalone_Kevin Black
Trans Specs:
O2M 6-Speed
Clutchmasters FX400
Clutchmasters Lightweight Steel Flywheel
Wavetrack LSD with ARP Hardware
H&R Ultralow custom s/r
r32 control arm bushings
seam welded and reinforced rear subframe
manual steering conversion
anti rear roll bar
wrd lower front strut brace
ABS system removed
DE calipers/audi tt front rotors
mkiv rear brake setup
recaro fixed back buckets
autopower 4 point roll cage
sparco camlock 5 point harnesses
euro rear parcel shelf
a/b pillars for manual seatbelt
beetle vapor blue exterior color
metal widened fenders
slc bonnet with welded in mkII vents
shaved front bumper
shaved rear bumper
90mm euro chin spoiler
smoothed bay..
side moldings shaved
abt side skirts smoothed and trimmed
wipers shaved
passat b4 sunroof

The corrado a few years back was sitting on a set of color matched Schmidt 3 piece modernlines. The vapor blue/polished combo matched the car beautifully, but tended to sway the cars overall look away from the raw, violently powerful driver that the car is. This is the the reason for sorting out the last of the major details… the suspension components and wheels. A new set of coilovers with dampening to match the higher spring rate replaced the outdated set on the car. All while the in house design/ engineering was going on for our spinfab 012/012a. The 16″ 012 was originally designed around this build, and were designed in a way to capture and mimic the rawness of the corrado build. Just like the car, the wheel design evokes a simplicity in its design to simulate rotational movement almost as if cutting through the air like a spinning saw blade, but while up close showing off its complex machining path to route out each of the 12 triangular windows. The wheels needed to have that same look and feel as the car.

3 piece forged 6061 t6 faces, radially hand brushed and reverse mounted behind our forged wheel halves that are mirror polished and chromed stainless steel assembly hardware to top it all off.

many thanks to Jon Schusteritsch for the wonderful shots as always

The finish on the faces is hard to describe unless one sees it in real life. Again, subtle and raw on purpose. The faces were powdercoated a 2 stage metallic silver to cover the triangular windows of the face. Next, the flat part of the face was then machined back down to raw aluminum, and radially brushed with a heavy grit paper to keep the heavy circular brush marks on the aluminum. Gloss clear powder could have been the final touch, but it needed just a little more. So in with the gloss clear powder, we mixed in a bit of blue and silver metallic flake. By being shot with the clear, its a very subtle difference, but when the sunlight hits the wheels face, it becomes apparent the wheels are not raw aluminum. Also keeps upkeep to a minimum as it needs a nice soap and water bath to keep the wheels looking perfect after some heavy use. Sized in at 16×9 and 16×9.5, the wheels are wide enough to get some grip to the ground, but not overly wide for no apparent reason. Camber set at about -2 degrees all around for that same reason, no excessive camber to adversely affect anything. It is a fwd car, so keeping the wheels close to square with some decent sized rubber was a must. no need for a 12″ wide rear wheel dragging around out back for no purpose at all..

Since we are on the subject of brushed aluminum wheel faces, it was only right that the wheel faces started a trend that made its way into the engine bay. Most of the engine bay aluminum fabricated bits were pulled back off once the motor had a few hundred miles on it, and hand brushed/ powdercoated with the same treatment to keep all in line aesthetically.

One of the best parts about this car is that outside of the vw community (and even inside of it sometimes) most have no idea what this thing is as it screams past you in the left lane.

enough with the chit chat.. pictures

To finish off the small build article that will go into the builds section of the site shortly after this article is complete, the reasoning for the title! Our Invitiational.SpinFab #001 set on the re-debut vaporado build won best wheels at First Class Fitment 2013! Huge honor to have taken this top spot! I have to say there is a lot that went into this, as it is all a learning experience for us, and taking home such a huge award when up against many of the huge wheel manufacturers putting out some crazy things makes us at the studio very happy. I have to thank the Canibeat crew for another amazing show, and to Walt and Karyn for making projects like this happen. Keeps us all going having builds like this to keep us all busy.

This is just the start of a list of upcoming builds @ Invitational.SpinFab. A new concept. A new way to look at a wheel line

More info to come 12.23.13

Compilation of cars that weve built wheels for over the years

Every once in a while I get a picture emailed over from a friend or prior customer with some pictures of the wheels built or parts we designed/ made on a car. We decided to put up a post here sharing just a small handful of them. If you have photos of a set that we had our hands in or any automotive parts weve helped with, feel free to send over some pictures. We for sure would love to add them to the blog posts.. We love seeing projects come to life. That has always been our goal here.

props to all of the photographers that we are featuring in this post for the wonderful shots.

A few new designs, one shown for now…

Well, conical caps have almost sold out, and half height hex caps have also sold out in large bore sizing.. so you know what that means… new designs about to drop

we have 4 new cap designs about to drop early 2014.. here is a sneak preview of one of them that production is just about complete with.

these are our new half height billet aluminum hex tops.. they replace the cheap plastic caps found on BBS RF and bbs RM, among others and convert to use standard 70mm bbs logos.

you use your plastic threaded or snap in ring, and clip these to them just like the originals. pop off the cheap plastic, pop these on.. that is it.

in addition:

-a new half height hex design for the large bore bbs rs, rsII and others.
-a new half height hex design that incorporates logos into the design (limited quantities)
-quarter height hex design for bbs rs, rsII and others.

and multiple new finishes. we are working with our plater to come out with some crazy plated, anodized, and other finishes. stay tuned.

Early Fall Newborns

We have been very busy these past few months. Lots of car builds, designing parts, prototyping and experimenting. Lots of new ideas will be coming out to market over the next few months.
At the same time, we have been building wheels as we always do. Here are a few of the recent builds.. Most are up for grabs so email if you would like more information

large bore 18″ 5×114/5×120 BBS RS set with frozen gray powdercoated faces

small bore bbs rs 18″ set- 5×120 set up for e46 M3

custom bbs rf wheel table. was going to be used in our shop, but is up for sale. email to get your hands on it. one off

16″ 5×120 compomoptive // 18″ 5×120 compomotive (2) sets

BBS Large bore 18″ 5×100/5×112 set

18″ concept 012 set #002 of 033

BBS RF small bore 18″ 5×120 set up for bmw m3. only small bore 5×120 set in the world

some fun bbs rf wheels mocked up with the trophy parts we did for StanceWars WA

Again, any info on any of these sets, email for more information. we have quite a few builds slated for this winter in addition to what you see here (quite a few crazy ones), so get into discussions with us soon before it becomes too late… We plan on building 20-30 sets of some of the most unique things out there between now and february

Few of the recent newborns up for grabs

I am currently working on quite a few sets, and am going to use this post to serve as info for these sets as most are still available.. Not for long, but for now they are available. for more information or any inquiries


set #1. 5×120 18″x9.5/10.5″ set- already on its way across the country

set #2. 5×120 18″ set built for an e46 m3 or similar.
-18x10f 18×10.5r with 2.5″ slant and 3.0″ slanted outers
-gold metallic powdercoated faces (gloss)
-chrome 12.9 hardware
-black powdercoated inner barrels
-half height spinfab billet hex caps mirror polished
-black/gold bbs logos

2. 4×100 16″ set- set being built for a specific car, so not available.
-gold metallic powdercoated faces (gloss)
-chrome 12.9 hardware
-black powdercoated inner barrels
-half height spinfab billet hex caps mirror polished
-black/gold bbs logos

3. 18″ 5×114.3/ 5×100 Dual drilled high pad large bore set.
-Will work with 5×114, 5×112, 5×100 bolt patterns
-18″x9.5 and 18×10. 2″f lip and 2.5″r lip
-faces brushed and translucent bronze powder- 4 stage
-satin black inner barrels
-24k gold or chrome hardware
-24k gold or chrome half height hex caps-pending color test

4. 5×112 18″ set -tbd details and sizing

5. large bore 18×11 square frozen gray set
-super flat frozen gray powdercoated faces 4 stage
-Stainless steel ARP m8 hardware
-brushed/ clear powdercoated inner barrels
-custom one off barrels to fit around a 380mm bbk
-half height spinfab billet hex caps mirror polished
-platinum/gold bbs logos
-blind valvestems
-option for dual drilling patterns if needed

Upsized wheel halves now in full production!

production is now ready for spinFAB upsized wheel halves. 16-17″ wheel halves, 16-18″ wheel halves, and 17-18″ wheel halves

widths from 1.5″-4″ (outer lips) and 5″-8″ (inner barrels)

we can do these for many different faces out there, so just ask.

more info and pricing @ the store link up top… (

ill let the pictures do the talking.

more info shortly… but to grab a set (4 lips and 4 barrels) go to the store link up top ( or email us

Quick teaser shots of a special set we just completed

We posted this set in the “newborns” section a few weeks ago.

special 16″ set of RS. This set was put together to match the simplicity of the car it is going on. 4×100/57.1 work, Metallic silver faces, satin black inner barrels, and our custom slant lips, our half height hex caps, along with Stainless Steel 12.9 bolts grace this set.

As promised, here are a few teasers of the set all complete and mounted. This mkI jetta coupe belongs to a friend Tobi. He came to me a few months ago with thoughts of doing a 16″ RS set for his long term project.. I was a bit skeptical at first, and may or may not have told him “dont do 16″ on an mkI.” Well we worked out all of the intricate details for this set, and he worked his magic with the final fitment and tire size, and here she is. And I am pleased to say, everyone is happy with the way these turned out. My skepticism was not necessary. When a team of people who all are perfectionists come together, anything can be made to look like it came from the factory like that.. And in this case, a few days after completion, Tobi’s mkI took “Best OEM +” at Staggered 2013. Congrats bud