NEW for 2015 – NEW Production ready DESIGNS IN BILLET : Post #1

May 25. 2015

With the completion of the spring production run at the beginning of this month, we wanted to showcase a few of the new designs and features brought to you by spinfab design studio for immediate sale, and a hint of a few designs which will be dropping soon.

1. bbs RF hex tops v.2.0 – tweaks to the design which enable the use of the standard bbs hex tool to tighten and take off
2. bbs RS large thread half height billet hex – slight tweaks to the design to further engineer out unneeded weight, and couple with more threads
3. bbs RS small thread half height hex – rerun of past design with a few minor tweaks
4. bbs RS large thread premium hex caps – brand new design, machined bbs logos built into the design for the person wanting the truly premium set. can be entirely polished, plated, chromed, etc.. no need for the resin logos
5. bbs RS billet waffle plates – brand new design, full description below discussing the design and its vast improvements over oem.
6. bbs style 5 billet waffle plates to convert your style 5 into a large face bbs rs – brand new design, only one of its kind.
6. bbs style 5 billet waffle plates + 1/2 ht. hex caps drop in* – brand new design, only one of its kind, description and info below.
7. OZ futura center cap assemblies – brand new design, full description below discussing the design
8. BBS full height hex top sleeves for wheels with plastic hex caps – slight tweaks to the design to further engineer out unneeded weight and improved tightness over oem plastic hex caps

The items we are most excited to be adding to our lineup are in bold. Months of planning, engineering, and machine time have gone into these new offerings

bbs RS billet waffle plates

- This project was started here at the studio for a few reasons
1. bbs oem waffle plates 09.24.028 were becoming harder and harder to source over the years
2. quality of the oem waffle plates are not great. it is a thin stamped metal part and doesn’t hold up well to time.
3.The thin oem metal waffle caps tend to warp and bend when overtightened and fit horribly once bent
4. The thin nature of the metal plates causes some issues with finishing. In the case of powder coating for example, the average powdercoater doesn’t take into account the fact that the wheel face and waffle plate are 2 completely different materials, and are very different thicknesses. Many report colors being off after being in the oven to bake the powder. This is because of the needed adjustment of time in the oven that most out there don’t seem to account for, and also the fact that the cool down periods are quite different for that of a forged aluminum face which has thicknesses over and inch in some spots, compared to a stamped metal waffle which has a half millimeter thickness throughout. Proper preparation of the caps vs face is also different, media to blast with is different, the list goes on..

so our challenge was to design a part with way better tolerances than that of the original, same material quality as the faces, and thickness that allows for the same prep, finishing, and cool down as the faces they are working with. We wanted a part that fit way better than the original plates do, and could stand up to time and abuse. The thin oem metal waffle caps tend to warp and bend when overtightened, these wont do that. The waffle plates don’t fit the faces well, these do. The oem waffle plates are hard to find, and harder to find in good condition… We are proud to say thats no longer an issue! Introducing the spinFAB billet waffle plate for the BBS RS

comparison shot of oem vs billet – machined finish

add in our billet half height large thread hex caps and oem logos

machined to allow for finishing tolerances without making contact and damaging the wheel face

Again, these are available for immediate sale on our webstore


OZ futura center cap assemblies – brand new design

similar to that of the bbs counterparts, the OZ futura is a timeless wheel many find quite sought after, and want to build. Made from the late ’80s through the late ’90s, these wheels are forged aluminum construction and feature matching center caps (m298) which over the years have gotten quite hard to source. Many were lost or stolen, damaged, etc.

spinFAB Billet OZ center cap assemblies feature billet 6061 construction, far better tolerances than the originals, logos machined right onto the caps, ability to be finished to anything under the sun, and ability to couple these with carbon rings or stainless rings to suit your build*

mock up pictures on a set we are soon to be building. don’t mind all the raw unfinished parts

these are available for immediate sale on our webstore


bbs style 5 billet waffle plates to convert your style 5 into a “large face bbs rs” – brand new design

We went back to the drawing board on this one. most buy the style 5 wheel because it looks similar to the arguably most popular wheel of all time, the bbs rs. The style 5 is cheaper to find, more common, came as factory equipment on a few cars, and is a simpler 2 piece construction (face + barrel). Unfortunately there are downsides to this wheel being a cheaper wheel, most notably the center cap assemblies being made of plastic.. Limits buyers to either not running a center cap at all, or having to paint the wheel face and center cap rather than powder coat. You don’t see polished style5 wheels out there for a reason; the center cap being made of plastic limits the potential of this wheel

we have been for a few years machining style 5 wheel faces with weld in threaded center bore sleeves (not offered for sale to the general public) and coupling this with machined oem bbs waffle plates and our half height billet hex caps, but the amount of work, time, and the fact that the oem rs waffle plate spokes don’t line up exactly with that of the style 5 face caused us to want to rethink the whole thing, which has been the driving force behind this project. Reference picture below of the machined in threaded center bore sleeve that is still offered on a custom set going through the full treatment (style 5 3 piece 18″ shown).

for the normal buyer though wanting an easier alternative-

style 5 billet waffle plates. drop in to the style 5 face, can be coupled with our drop in half height center caps for a seamless install with no modification to the actual wheel** Now you can finish the wheel to whatever finish you can think of, have the look of a bbs rs, and now even have more opportunities to fit newer cars with our 3 piece conversions to 18″ and 19″ sizing.. A major benefit to this is that the style 5 face is way larger in diameter than the bbs rs faces out there, and doesn’t need a huge slanted lip to upsize the wheel to 18″ or 19″ sizes/ Lets face it, the double and triple step designs are awesome because they make a wheel suited for early ’90s cars in 16″ size and allow them to be built to larger diameters to suit more modern day cars, but they really are a love it or hate it thing. Why not start with a larger diameter face and couple with a simple stepped lip to make a 19″ wheel suitable for most cars of today.

the waffle plate and hex with a style 5 (rc090) face

waffle plate fitment

press in the hex to hold it down

add your 70mm bbs logos (can be found in our webstore)

machined to perfectly match up with that of the style 5 face. before the only option was machining down oem waffle plates which left you with mismatched spokes almost 2mm off of each other

vs the oem waffle plate being machined to fit, and unfortunately still not lining up exactly

These will be available for ship in the month of July from our webstore


picture comparison of 18″ rs triple step vs 19″ style5 3 piece conversion to come shortly. for now, the two faces (17″ RS & RC090 style5) for comparison

can you tell the difference anymore? 16″ rs face vs 17″ style 5 face with our billet drop in additions shown… upsizing the very small bbs rs face to 18″ requires triple upsizing while 18″ in the style 5 converted “rs” requires a standard stepped lip and 19″ requires a double step. finally options for a larger faced timeless wheel

To be clear, the billet style 5 waffle plate is not the same part as the rs billet waffle plate, and shares nothing in its design. both have different thicknesses, different overall diameters, different center holes, and the actual pattern itself is not even the same.

These need to be ordered for the correct wheel when ordering off of our site. Info can be found on the big cartel link, and or by email

Again, all of this can be looked at in further detail at the spinfab store

In the next month, the half height style 5 pop in hex will be complete and ready for sale (undergoing engineering adjustments) and we have a pair of fun new product designs to complement the wheel parts for inside of the car that should get people going. Wheel whores, stay tuned… heres a partial teaser, full explanation and information on how it will all work to come.

*coming summer 2015
**buyer to verify fitment.

Build recap: Rodolfo’s 964 build via

A few months back, we were in talks about a possible porsche project coming to life on the west coast that we here at spinfab design studio needed to be a part of. The build- 964 carrera 4. the client- Rodolfo – emortal over @

The initial talks were fun in that they seemed to be stretching reality when it came to what was being discussed, mostly in the sizing and specs department. This type of project that pushes the limits always turns out the be the most fun type of project for all involved. A project that starts with a little bit of disbelief in its goal set feeds the interest in the project. When it moves forward through the entire process in a way that inspires total confidence in the build team taking on this seemingly impossible task, the final product never fails to impress. I personally had a lot of hesitation early on with the proposed sizing of the wheel set for the 964 as it seemed that the wheel halves we were going to be using were too aggressive from the narrow bodied 964s previously looked over and measured by the team for previous project concepting. Lots of back and forth and we were reassured that if we built it, the car would be adjusted and tweaked to make it all work. And in its current form, one can see that is exactly what took place here.

The direction was simple. 5×130 low pad small faces upsized to 18″, as wide as we could think of fitting on this chassis, and then finished to concours quality; triple chromed faces and waffles, 24k gold plated details, bubble outer halves coupled with stepped inner halves, and whatever else we could think up along the way.

lets let the pictures do the talking. Again, a huge success and hats off to the team at becausebags, the crew, and all others involved in the build process. We look forward to being a part of many future projects with you guys.

more pictures to come as they surface. Credit goes out to each of the photographers who snapped these pictures. If you see a picture needing credit, let us know and we will add it in.

the assembled set we hinted at a few months back after completion. triple chromed faces/ waffles, 24k everything else, oem bbs white/gold logos, mirror polished bubble outers, satin black stepped inners for brake clearance.

and on the completed build:

heres a short video that just surfaced from Mike Koziel, photographer out of NJ

more to come. This certainly is just the beginning as we know this project will be getting a lot of attention in the upcoming show season.

newborns for fall

Here are a few of the fun vintage wheel builds over the past month or two to share. We will be lessening the vintage wheel builds entirely at the studio in order to make room for the NEW commissioned complete custom one off 3 piece sets (under the spinfab.invitational), and the ever expanding automotive part production and future small goods line; so if you would like a vintage set for the upcoming season, let us know sooner than later.

17″ rf build_textured/matte finishes

polished vs. triple chrome… can you tell which is which?

champagne metallic/ 24k_ one of our favorite color combinations over here at the studio. this set has abnormally large upsized lips, cant wait to see them fitted to the vehicle they are slated for.

upsized gloss white/ 24k set going all the way to japan for a special project. This isn’t our first set sent across the world, but this is the first of a few sets being built for the japanese market. Looking forward to future sets on builds over there.

black chrome on black chrome on black chrome on gloss black… every little detail has been scoured over. just about impossible to shoot photos of these damn things because of the crazy reflections of everything. these are the better of the attempts. This is a pretty rare 5×112 /57.1 original set that was built originally for an audi from the factory in 16″ sizing.. has since been upsized to 18″ and many weeks later finished as shown. One of the craziest vintage sets we’ve had roll through our studio.

Frost matte silver powder with matte gunmetal plated hex and black hardware.

some of our recent custom plating tests… triple plated rose gold spinfab half height hex/ hardware, copper plated hex, 24k plated hex, black smoke chrome conicals.. the crazy finishes are getting insane over here. these can be purchased at any time from our store

if anyone has questions or wants to order something that is shown here, email please allow 48 or so hours for a response as the volume of emails has been growing exponentially.

and just to finish off this post, here is a quick teaser picture of one of our own projects underway here at the studio, and the 24 hour 3 piece build. A lot more info to come on this, as we are very excited to show it off

Summer 2014

So, to start this summer, there will be a few changes over here at the studio, as we have a lot of exciting ventures and designs to work out the details of, and also quite a few car builds that need to get buttoned up so we can enjoy them. As a result, there will be changes to the projects we hand select to work on from this day forward.

-the spinfab store will remain completely open all summer and all orders will ship out as they always have within 1-2 days of order.

-all new wheel builds will cease for the summer. obviously all current sets in process will be complete and will ship as per plan in the next week or so.. This would only affect new orders after today as we will not be taking any for the remainder of the summer months unless its a really unique opportunity…

-all sets that are complete and have yet to sell (or be posted up) will be posted up in the next week or so. they will be for immediate sale and can ship within 2-3 days of the order. We have wheels in 5×100, 5×112, 5×114, 5×120, and 4×100 available for immediate sale and will post up in the coming days

-Starting today, we will be permanently limiting the number of redrilled vintage wheel sets from now on. Too much of the current work fell in that category and we like to keep our work spread out across many platforms. Too much of the same thing is never fun, and we like variety. We here as designers also like to keep ahead of the current trend, not just follow trends as others do, which led to this decision.

-the main studio focus after summer will be on new products, the new forged wheel line, and some hand selected automotive projects as well as other markets altogether.. You will be seeing a lot of high quality products coming out for next season, and a couple of crazy builds for this season.



back to the normal blog posts

Ringtool by Reductivist

-as an example of collaborative work from the industrial design portion of our studio that has had a fun impact on our lives, here is the Ringtool project.

I personally had a blast working on the numerous design rounds and learning the ropes of bringing a small design like this to mass production with my good friend Jonathan, founder of This product has had a long list of successes so far, and I figured I would give it a quick shout out while people can still purchase them from the site. Super useful for car guys needing small tools on the fly.

Do more. Carry less. Ringtool was conceived as an ultra-light solution for cyclist commuters, but its applications extend far beyond the biking community. A super compact alternative to lugging around a full size tool kit, Ringtool lives on any standard keyring, always on-hand for minor repairs or in the event of an emergency.

-Bottle-cap opener
-3mm Hexhead
-4mm Hexhead
-5mm Hexhead
-6mm Hexhead
-8mm Hexhead
-Flathead Driver
-Phillips Driver
-Torxhead T25 Driver
-Spoke wrench for 130” (3.30mm) nipples
-Spoke wrench for .136” (3.45mm) nipples

head on over to his site again to purchase your very own ringtool.


All big cartel orders shipping this week

Just an update that all big cartel orders for hex caps and such will be shipping out this week. We have our first batch of polished hex caps back and will be shipping all of them out this week for the past two weeks orders. Thanks to everyone for the support, and keep the orders coming

here is a quick sample of the completed mirror polished half height hex caps (threaded) on the track set of bbs RS that are now up for sale as a complete wheel and tire set. 18×10.5 all around with 265/40/18 Bridgestone RE-01r competition spec tires, built for the 370z/350z/g35 platform, as well as the z32, s14/s15 240sx platforms

we also now have more items in the updated big cartel store including the full line of hex caps, logos, wheels, decals, and soon to be added small goods line of product.

we will also add a few wheels from time to time that are complete and ready for immediate sale if a buyer doesn’t want the completely custom wheel build that has a lead time. obviously the track RS set will be the first to go up since its complete and ready for immediate sale

Our 2014 spinFAB hex cap line designs in further detail: #2- the billet aluminum RF/RM/RS Hex top

To continue the information on the latest hex cap designs, here is design #2 for 2014.. the bbs RF hex top. Can be used on just about any bbs wheel to replace the plastic hex that comes on so many models, most notably the bbs rf as shown in the coming pictures. The item we designed and produced is a billet aluminum hex top that is made to work with your existing lower cap assembly. This way, the price point is cheaper as you use some of your existing parts, you can finish these hex tops in any way you could like, and as always these fit standard 70.6mm 3 prong bbs logos just like the originals and all of our other designs.

these can be purchased now on our store

here is a little info on how easy it is to assemble and use.

here is a list of some parts you’ll need. this example demonstrates on a bbs RF or RS lower half. the rs lower half is the threaded lower half, the rf is the snap on lower half in the pictures..

the old plastic hex assembly is in the top right of this image. in order to take it apart, one has to remove the logo cap, and then push the three tabs that anchor the old plastic hex to the lower half of the cap assembly. The plastic hex may break, doesn’t matter as its getting tossed in the trash. the lower half is the part you need to save for re-use here.

this is what you’ll be left with in the top half of this next image (RF lower half to the left, rs lower half to the right)

underside of the new billet hex cap (shown in raw machined finish)

take the new aluminum half height hex after polishing plating or finishing it of course, and push onto the plastic bottom half. be sure in the case of the bbs RF, that you remember the orientation and insert the RF waffle before locking all of these pieces together. Better explanation of this to come when we take more pictures.

snapped in prior to logo assembly

with logos pressed into hex below

- on threaded RS bottom

-on RF snap on bottom

with RF waffle and installed on bbs rf

closeup of raw machined finish hex prior to any finishing

as always, these can be purchased now on our store

Our 2014 spinFAB hex cap line designs in further detail: #4- the style 5/19 hex sleeve

We will be doing a small showcase of the caps that are now available for purchase over at

one of which is a completely new design never before offered to market by anyone.. the style 5 billet aluminum 3/4ht hex cap (patent pending).

the style 5/19 series of wheels were originally offered at a cheaper price point, with notable features that set them apart from the more expensive 3 piece wheels offered at the time. One of these things is a hex cap/ waffle combination that is made of abs plastic.. unfortunately this has limited many people when rebuilding these things to have to paint the wheel faces, because the plastic cap assemblies had to be painted. The hex being plastic didn’t have a lot of options for it, real bbs logos didn’t fit it, and there was no way to polish, plate, powder coat, etc the hex cap to add some variation.

well now there is.

Our hex sleeve was designed in house to eliminate all of these shortcomings, and allow the style 5/19 owners to have a piece that could be finished in any way possible, and also accept the standard bbs 3 prong 70mm logo which has never been offered before.

the installation is also a breeze as well. we’ve over engineered this one so that the fitment is perfect, and the installation couldn’t be any simpler.

here are the parts (logos and oem plastic style parts sold separately)

Simply take the new hex cap sleeve and finish to your liking (mirror polish, gold plate, powdercoat, anodize…). we offer a few options at additional cost over at

take the old plastic waffle and hex assembly and drill a 3/8″ hole in the center of where the logo would sit on the plastic. Right where the dimple is located in this picture above

take industrial grade silicone and place a small bead around the old plastic hex cap at the base. flip the hex cap sleeve over as shown as it will be sliding over the plastic hex once the sealant tacks up in about 2 minutes time.

take the hex sleeve and slide over top of the plastic assembly as shown

now take your favorite bbs rs or rf logo cap and pop the 3 prong cap onto it (70.6mm 3 prong standard bbs logo)

underside of the logo/ sleeve fitment-

allow the silicone bead to cure for 24 hours and install back onto the wheel.


Many builds being wrapped up at the moment. Thanks for everyones patience on the current sets being built for the season fast approaching. here are a few of the numerous wheel sets we are wrapping up to suit a variety of builds from show cars, to daily drivers, to race cars across the pond.. more to come.

18×9/10 5×100 build for a local friends audi tt update

16″ 5×100 build

15″ E78 magnesium race set (for sale)

18″ chrome/gold plated set going on a particular 964

metallic silver/ black chrome 18″ 5×112 set

you can see how much the sun affects the black chrome color (look at bottom vs top bolts)

18″ e46 custom style 19 set (for sale) more info on this set to come

17″ face mounted custom metallic red with gold sparkle set: also more on this set as it showcases the proper way to face mount a wheel like this without putting stress on the hardware

more to come… we have a lot more sets in the works


2014 Hex Cap Line! first images

4/25/14 Just as the title states, all hex cap designs are all complete and just about ready for sale!

new designs for 2014

bbs RF aluminum hex tops to replace the RF plastic hex
bbs style 5/19 hex sleeves
bbs rs premium hex with aluminum logos
bbs rs 1/2 and 1/3ht hex caps

we will also have the opportunity to sell sets with 09.24.028 waffles soon for an additional fee. this will be on a case by case basis due to the rarity of these waffles

pulled a few of the caps out for some initial pictures- raw just off the cmc machine, no finishing yet. polished and plated pictures to come.


just like the rendering, here is some final computer models vs the real thing

these designs were actually quite complex in nature, but work far better than the originals, and play off of our 2012-13 designs with added functionality..

more on the individual designs and how they function to come shortly.

Then and now.. The other RS builds

We’ve built and collected hundreds of bbs rs sets over the years at the studio, each one is its own unique being. One example of such, back in 2011 I decided that having a 6 pot stoptech bbk on a street car didn’t have to mean that I had to call a flatbed if the project fairlady ever got a flat tire.. And this thought sparked a custom single wheel build that started quite a trend after we revealed it. With that, here is another project we have been working on, likely to follow up with the same result.

2011 the bbs rs 16×4.5″ RSspare, and the 2014 bbs RSmoto 17″ motorcycle rear wheel…

so, the fairlady spare tire has had a few refreshes since its original conception a few years back, but the result remains. The use of a fully functional, oem fitting spare tire that could clear a large big brake kit, fit in a spare tire well, and look the part as well while doing it. This latest iteration (about a year old at this point but never debut) wears a frozen grey color scheme and set of details that to a wheel whore might blow a few minds. The wheel is a 16×4.5 with a -64mm offset. yes, 4.5″ wide with a -64mm offset meaning that the back pad sits just past the edge of the inner barrel.. allowing the wheel to bolt right up to the fairladys hub, fit snugly to the fender, and clear the massive caliper/rotor that is physically larger in diameter than the wheel itself is.. oh and all while fitting the original equipment 125/90/16 temporary use tire of 1990


oh and again for the detail whores, take note of the m8 ARP assembly hardware. 5th wheel of the only set to date with these details.. about 1200$ in hardware to make it happen. Only here


now we loved that spareRS project and since has sparked quite a few project ideas for us at the studio. One of which we will hint at here before getting bolted onto its respected project.

project RSmoto

the RSmoto project has been ongoing for the past few months surrounding a bike build of a client. We wanted to push building a wheel and tire set that would fit like an original equipment wheel on this particular motorcycle, but in a way that displays the wacky ideas at the studio coming to life.. Custom hub was machined for the motorcycle, and then the wheel was machined to mate to the custom hub. All in a way that will function as well if not better than the original, weighing less than the wheel it replaced, and getting a bigger motorcycle tire to the ground. Oh and not to mention, 4×100/57.1, so the wheel once again could be dual purposed and used on a 4×100 car as a spare tire.

17×6.5″ in width, utilizing our custom mirror polished inner and outer upsized wheel halves, the RSmoto wheel puts together some of the current products we offer on cars, but in a new way. Gold plated hardware, textured grey face, and a translucent gold conical cap/white/gold logo set complete the details of this particular project.