Hi all. We are experiencing serious issues with our email server which is delaying response times during this busy season. With that said, all of our current wheel and part orders have been shipped out as of tonight and the bigcartel site is still fully operational. Apologies for the delay in any orders that took a bit longer than expected to head out in that interim, but be assured all orders are now back on track and should be to the various states and a few international orders within a few days time.
Thanks to all of our supporters and have a great holiday season!

Dropping prices to finish out 2017!

Since we decided that we wanted no part in the very standard/boring Black Friday and cyber Monday pile of emails which this year seemed particularly more overwhelming than the past.. Borderline harassment in some cases with what seemed like hourly emails from Friday through monday…

… we decided we are going to significantly drop the price on 3 of our newer products until they are sold out! This as a thank you for the continued support from our current loyal customers


1.Style 5 drop in combination with the billet waffle plates and half height hex caps – Dropping the price from 480$ to 380$ for the full kit, and all are now automatically upgraded to a polished hex cap at no extra cost.


2.Motorsport center cap adapters – Dropping the price from 220$ to 140$ also automatically upgraded to a polished hex cap at no extra cost. this is the 3 hole variant, we are considering the variant with no holes as well and are prepping this at the moment


3.BBS RF 1/2ht hex. The lesser known sister wheel to the rs, the RF has plastic hex caps that are usually ready for the trash. this replaces the plastic top with a perfectly machined aluminum version. Dropping the price from 200$ to 140$ in machined or 160$ mirror polished.


The website has already been adjusted to reflect the sale with the lowered prices and both are going to remain this price until sold out! Quantities are limited, so don’t hesitate if you want to grab either of these products – as of 1/9/18 the drop in combination is already just about sold out! Not to worry, new version 2.0 will drop in spring



Starting today september 1 and running till Monday night september 4 at midnight, we are running a sale for all of our blog viewers.

If you enter code ENDOFSUMMER at checkout, you will receive 15% off your entire parts order. Spinfab.bigcartel.com

The sale includes all parts other than complete wheels

Please email info@spinfab.net if there are any questions or issues with the code at checkout.

We have also added in premium plated combination sets to the parts list on Spinfab.bigcartel.com these are hex cap and assembly bolt/nut combos that are all plated to match. Currently running 24k gold, 18k rose gold, black chrome, and triple chrome plated combination sets! Now you can run matching hex caps and hardware without having to look anywhere else. The combinations are good for a variety of wheels and hex cap designs on our site so if you don’t see the combination in the ad send over a quick email and we can confirm. Here are a few combos we are plating

Bbs rs small thread
Bbs rs large thread
Bbs rf hex tops
Style 5 3 piece- O ring- for use with our style5 billet waffle plates
Bbs full height hex tops

In combination with

M7x32 bolts plus serrated nuts
M8x32 bolts plus serrated nuts

Again please email info@spinfab.net if you want to check in on stock of a specific combination

Spinfab.bigcartel.com ENDOFSUMMER sale offer till midnight Monday 9/4

Spinfab BBS steering wheel center cap adapter: NOW AVAILABLE

BBS steering wheel center cap adapter – late spring 2017 AVAILABLE NOW. please head over to spinfab.bigcartel.com to purchase

To dive a bit more into the details of this product and its purpose, BBS steering wheels came from a variety of places back in the day, in a variety of leather/rubber/plastic/wood/fake woodgrain combos; One thing that did come with every steering wheel though is that clear resin bbs logo/horn push in the center. The clear resin probably looked great in the ’80s, unfortunately 37 years later we can’t say the same… yellowed, cracked, barely working or missing entirely seems to be the way to describe most if not all of the center horn bbs buttons. And there is no current solution for replacement. They aren’t sold anymore, and can’t really be fixed as they are thin resin. Once resin yellows or stress cracks, there isn’t any going back from it. A sticker could do, but if you have a steering wheel worth 500-750$, who the hell wants to put a cheap sticker on it..

Our solution – We have designed and engineered an adapter cap that locks into the steering wheel horn base in the same way as the original.. But allows for use of the same 3 prong 70mm bbs logos to pop into it just like all of out bbs center caps. Now you can mix and match your bbs logos on your steering wheel just like your 3 piece bbs wheels.

Installation is very simple. Twist your old resin button to the left to remove it off of the horn button, twist and lock this new adapter into that same horn button base on the steering wheel, and press in the 70mm logo. if you want to switch the bbs center cap on the adapter, remove it by twisting out of the horn base, turn it over exposing a hole from the backside, stick a finger in and press out the 70mm logo. the repeat the installation process. Take note of the pictures, if you have the horn assembly that looks like these pictures, your installation will take under 1 minute just as shown here.

the set is being marketed on our web store as a combo including a single 70mm bbs logo + matte black ABS adapter cap. You’ll have your choice from the bbs logo caps we stock as well, so you only have to go to one place if you need 4 caps for your wheels and 1 cap for your steering wheel.
*steering wheel sold separately, steering wheel horn base assembly sold separately.

again, please head over to spinfab.bigcartel.com to purchase

2017 Lineup + New Designs

2017 is a big year for us at Spinfab design studio, and we are adjusting our focus and working on some solid projects to bring to the market for the upcoming year!


1.BBS Motorsport division billet aluminum center caps – starting with 2 designs for a variety of motorsport wheels AVAILABLE NOW
2.BBS steering wheel center cap adapter – late spring 2017 AVAILABLE NOW
3.1/2 height billet hex V4.0 (large, small thread sizes) AVAILABLE NOW
4.1/2 height conical billet V4.0 (large, small thread sizes) late Summer 2017
5.Wheel halves – widened array of lips and barrels – way more applications 16″,17″,18″ and 19″ outers and inners

A little more information on the first two below.

Here @ spinfab design studio, we are constantly trying to push ideas, stay ahead and influence trends, and constantly push the research/development side of the projects. From minor tweaks to a design to allow a part to perform better or become lighter while not sacrificing anything else, we are constantly looking to push the envelope to design parts that look like they should have come this way from the beginning. Our competitors have been known to purchase and copy parts we have out, but rather than focus energy on fighting this we would rather spend the energy tweaking and perfecting those products. Some lead, others follow..

For us, the past few years have solely been spent on vintage wheels, and the “way they should have been” but thats only one part of the business. The BBS motorsport division has been gaining recognition and becoming more mainstream as of recent, but for years there was no real access to the general public, no way to get your hands on a motorsport set that could also be potentially also be used on the street.. etc.

we plan to make all of these things a reality. We now are official resellers of the US BBS Motorsport Division. And are designing parts from wheel halves to center caps for these applications; the blending the bbs motorsport lineup with street friendly applications is going to be a newly added target for the studio. Plan to see new products coming up in the new year! Starting with these bbs motorsport billet center cap adapters

#1.BBS Motorsport division billet aluminum center caps (jan.15 2017 launch)

motorsports wheels almost never run center caps. but street cars look odd without center caps… so what do you do? You purchase the new bbs motorsport billet center cap adapters.

the aim is simple. design a part that has little to no weight to keep in line with the philosophy of the motorsports line, no modification to the wheel whatsoever, and be able to fit 70mm bbs 3 prong logos (like every product in our center cap lineup).

machining out of 7075 billet aerospace grade aluminum and keeping a very small footprint (about 5/8″ tall) while machining down every bit of unneeded area from the cap allows for a final weight of 3oz. again, motorsport themed cap to complement your motorsport wheel

There are initially 2 variants -

A. utilizing the 3 small m4 tapped holes on the face of many bbs motorsport wheels (E88 for example) these caps attach to the wheel face in a seamless manner and allow for the use of 70mm bbs 3 prong logos

B. utilizing a small channel on most bbs motorsport wheel faces, these caps push on and lock onto the face without any visible hardware and allow for use of 70mm bbs 3 prong logos

#2. BBS billet aluminum steering wheel center cap adapter – Both billet and ABS plastic options in engineering

BBS steering wheels came from a variety of places back in the day, in a variety of leather/rubber/plastic/fake woodgrain combos; One thing that did come with every one though is that clear resin bbs logo/horn push in the center. The clear resin probably looked great in the ’80s, unfortunately 37 years later we can’t say the same… yellowed, cracked, barely working seems to be the way to describe most if not all of the center horn bbs buttons. And there is no current solution for replacement. They aren’t sold anymore, and can’t really be fixed. Once resin yellows or stress cracks, there isn’t any going back

Our solution – billet aluminum machined adapter ring that slots into the steering wheel in the same way as the original.. But allowing for those same 3 prong 70mm bbs logos to pop into it. Now you can mix and match your logos with your wheels.

the set is being marketed as a combo bbs logo + billet adapter cap, or a bbs logo + ABS adapter cap. You’ll have your choice from the bbs logo caps we stock as well, so you only have to go to one place if you need 4 caps for your wheels and 1 cap for your steering wheel.
*steering wheel sold separately, steering wheel horn assembly sold separately.


With all of this, we are pleased to announce that we will no longer be refinishing wheels or building vintage wheel sets for market as our focuses have shifted solely to design/engineering/machining of parts for market. We do still have a few completed sets left over from winter available, so if one of these strikes your interest, feel free to email over to purchase. Updated april 1

5×112 18×9 / 18×10 oz futura – brushed faces, black chrome details 3.3k – available on our webstore – still able to change sizing as well to fit your application

We do have close relationships to several refinishing houses still, so if that is what you’re looking for, send over an email and we can refer you to one of these refinishing houses.

Thanks all and enjoy 2017!

Summer 2016 studio updates

Show season 2016 is far under way and we at the studio are developing many new exciting projects/products for the second half of 2016, 2017 season.  As a result, we will not be taking any wheel builds on at the studio for the time being.   This includes full builds, re-drills, and/or centerbore work.

during this time, www.spinfab.bigcartel.com is still fully open and stocked with your favorite items and all orders in stock usually ship out same day as ordered around the globe.  The site will also be growing soon with new products!

As an incentive to our loyal customers, we will also be offering individual products from the site for 1 week flash sales throughout the next few months time.  Keep up with us on instagram #spinfab and or the blog for latest updates.



log onto www.spinfab.bigcartel.com for any of our awesome parts.   Enjoy the summer!

2016 Style 5 billet waffle plate/hex combo – Order Now!


The sales for the first production run of the bbs style 5 billet waffle plate/hex combo in 2015 were so overwhelming that we decided to put this into our permanent collection and do a 2016 run with further improvements to the design! thanks to everyone much for your support. We will continue to design and engineer parts just like this combo that are only offered through our studio.

The second major production run is just about complete (March 30, 2016). As a thank you, the Pre-order for this production run offially opens TODAY Wednesday Mar.23, and all preorders ordered before March 30 will receive the pre-order price which is 10% off retail. Price will go back up to the normal rate on the 30th when all stock is ready to ship

Please add in the Discount code PREORDER to receive the 10% off during this time

examples of a few of the installed sets in various finishes.


Just to jump back to the initial info offered on this piece which has now had about a year of use in the market, and so far the response has been great
bbs style 5 billet waffle plates to convert your style 5 into a “large face bbs rs” – brand new design 2015


We went back to the drawing board on this one. most buy the style 5 wheel because it looks similar to the arguably most popular wheel of all time, the bbs rs. The style 5 is cheaper to find, more common, came as factory equipment on a few cars, and is a simpler 2 piece construction (face + barrel). Unfortunately there are downsides to this wheel being a cheaper wheel, most notably the center cap assemblies being made of plastic.. Limits buyers to either not running a center cap at all, or having to paint the wheel face and center cap rather than powder coat. You don’t see polished style5 wheels out there for a reason; the center cap being made of plastic limits the potential of this wheel

we have been for a few years machining style 5 wheel faces with weld in threaded center bore sleeves (not offered for sale to the general public) and coupling this with machined oem bbs waffle plates and our half height billet hex caps, but the amount of work, time, and the fact that the oem rs waffle plate spokes don’t line up exactly with that of the style 5 face caused us to want to rethink the whole thing, which has been the driving force behind this project. Reference picture below of the machined in threaded center bore sleeve that is still offered on a custom set going through the full treatment (style 5 3 piece 18″ shown).

for the normal buyer though wanting an easier alternative-

style 5 billet waffle plates. drop in to the style 5 face, can be coupled with our drop in half height center caps for a seamless install with no modification to the actual wheel** Now you can finish the wheel to whatever finish you can think of, have the look of a bbs rs, and now even have more opportunities to fit newer cars with our 3 piece conversions to 18″ and 19″ sizing.. A major benefit to this is that the style 5 face is way larger in diameter than the bbs rs faces out there, and doesn’t need a huge slanted lip to upsize the wheel to 18″ or 19″ sizes/ Lets face it, the double and triple step designs are awesome because they make a wheel suited for early ’90s cars in 16″ size and allow them to be built to larger diameters to suit more modern day cars, but they really are a love it or hate it thing. Why not start with a larger diameter face and couple with a simple stepped lip to make a 19″ wheel suitable for most cars of today.

the waffle plate and hex with a style 5 (rc090) face

waffle plate fitment

press in the hex to hold it down

add your 70mm bbs logos (can be found in our webstore)

machined to perfectly match up with that of the style 5 face. before the only option was machining down oem waffle plates which left you with mismatched spokes almost 2mm off of each other

vs the oem waffle plate being machined to fit, and unfortunately still not lining up exactly

These will be available for ship in the month of July from our webstore


picture comparison of 18″ rs triple step vs 19″ style5 3 piece conversion to come shortly. for now, the two faces (17″ RS & RC090 style5) for comparison

can you tell the difference anymore? 16″ rs face vs 17″ style 5 face with our billet drop in additions shown… upsizing the very small bbs rs face to 18″ requires triple upsizing while 18″ in the style 5 converted “rs” requires a standard stepped lip and 19″ requires a double step. finally options for a larger faced timeless wheel

To be clear, the billet style 5 waffle plate is not the same part as the rs billet waffle plate, and shares nothing in its design. both have different thicknesses, different overall diameters, different center holes, and the actual pattern itself is not even the same.

These need to be ordered for the correct wheel when ordering off of our site. Info can be found on the big cartel link, and or by email info@spinfab.net

Again, all of this can be looked at in further detail at the spinfab store spinfab.bigcartel.com

2016 Build List

Happy New Year to all who visit the blog. With all of the ideas and planning for the upcoming 2016 season, here is a list of the wheel sets we are building for this spring. All wheel sets below MARKED IN RED are up for grabs unless noted. We will update this list twice a week to make sure its up to date.

The earlier we discuss the details, the more likely the set can be built before all of the craziness of spring happens. We always urge possible buyers to come forth as early in the year as possible, and this list of all options we will be offering may help make it easier. Sets are obviously all from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s so its not an off the shelf type of thing which is why the sooner you get on line, the sooner you can grab a set. Currently build time is approx. 2 weeks* and every set on the list is in process and up to the final stages of finishing so as to make for a seamless build process. Sets that are marked as completely finished are being sold as is with the specs provided and can ship out immediately. These particular sets will also have pictures at the bottom of this post displaying their completion.

If anyone wants to reserve a build in process, email info@spinfab.net immediately. the sets left are going fast.

1.bbs RS 5×130 18×9.5/11″ NOS faces - called for11/11
2.bbs RS 5×130 18″ - called for3/25
3.bbs RS 5×112/57.1 – can be 17,18″ (lg. face)sizing to any spec and finish - called for3/11
4.bbs RS 5×112/57.1 – 18×9 / 18×10″ any finish
5.bbs RS 5×100/57.1 – can be 16,17,18″ sizing to any spec and finish
6.bbs RS 4×100/57.1 – can be 16,17″ sizing to any spec and finish - called for11/14
7.bbs RS 4×100/57.1 – can be 16,17″ sizing to any spec and finish - called for1/08
8.bbs RS 4×100/57.1 – can be 16,17″ sizing to any spec and finish - called for1/27
9.bbs RS 4×100/57.1 – can be 16,17″ sizing to any spec and finish - called for2/13
10.bbs RS 4×100/57.1 – can be 16,17″ sizing to any spec and finish - called for2/15
11.bbs RS 4×100/57.1 – can be 16,17″ sizing to any spec and finish - called for3/10
12.bbs RS 4×100/57.1 – can be 16,17″ sizing to any spec and finish - called for3/15
13.bbs RS 4×100/57.1 – can be 16,17″ sizing to any spec and finish - called for4/8
14.bbs RS 4×100/57.1 – can be 16,17″ sizing to any spec and finish - called for4/11
15.bbs RS 5×120 16″ - called for12/16
16.bbs RS 5×114 GTR 18×10.0 +12 - called for12/20

17.bbs RS 4×100/57.1 15″x8″ - called for2/15
18.bbs RS 4×100/57.1 15″x8″- called for3/15

19.bbs Strosek 5×100/57.1 – 18×9+25/18×10+35 or 18×9.5+30 – faces mirror polished- neo-chrome hardware –  

20.bbs RF 5×100 18×9/10 - called for12/17
21.bbs RF 4×100/57.1 – can be 16,17″ sizing to any spec and finish - called for11/11
22.bbs RF 4×100/57.1 – can be 16,17″ sizing to any spec and finish - called for11/11

23.OZ Futura 5×112/66mm – full brushed faces, everything else polished – 18×9″+30/18×10″+20 2/3″ lips
24.OZ Futura 5×112/66mm – mirror polished faces – 18″ build - called for1/14
25.OZ Futura 4×100 can be 16″ sized to any spec and finish

26.bbs RSII 5×120/72.5 – can be 18″or 19″ 3 piece sizing to any spec and finish concave faces all around.   
27.bbs RS 5×120 rs302 18×8.5/9.5 - called for3/2
28.bbs RS 5×112 rs324 18×10 - called for3/13
29.bbs RS 5×130 18×9/11 - called for3/20

Thats the complete 2016 list. This will get updated once sets are called for, and if by chance we import any more sets the list will grow. For now, this is the list as planned in its entirety. If anyone wants to reserve a build in process, email info@spinfab.net immediately

Obviously, if you want to build your own set and need any of our billet parts, rare oem parts, tools, or hardware etc… feel free to browse the webstore – spinfab.bigcartel.com

tiny pictures of a few of the sets that have been called for over the past two months all finished up.

we will get into further detail on each set in the upcoming spring newborns post

V3.0 Hex Cap expanded line in the works. Mix and Match

V3.0 – Any BBS wheel; Any spinfab billet center cap

Our best seller in the small automotive part designs here at spinFAB design studio continues to be the half height threaded billet hex caps for bbs rs and others http://spinfab.bigcartel.com/product/spinfab-bbs-half-height-billet-abs-plastic-hex-caps-large-thread. We started producing the first batch of these back in early 2011, an a lot has grown since then. The version 2.0 design that has been primarily sold through most of 2014/2015 allowed for further engineering off of weight, even better threading ability in both small and large thread size, and varied heights (1/2 and 1/3) + a wide array of custom finish options offered on spinfab.bigcartel.com.

Well, we felt the need to take everything a few steps further to keep pushing the ideas forward and also to keep testing our abilities, and as a result: now in the works is version 3.0 of the hex cap line of products.. Yes a full line of billet hex cap products. Very excited to hint at this project which is going to be rolled out in a few stages as its quite a complex engineering project. The first of the stage of this rollout happened last week with the introduction of the small thread and large thread half height hex V3.0 for immediate sale. This is the only center cap line, and will grow to cover the wide array of vintage bbs wheels out there.

The premise is simple. There are a lot of vintage bbs wheels out there that could benefit from the addition of billet hex caps, but some of these wheels came from the factory threaded with various thread sizes, some with clip on bottoms, some twist locking bottoms, some just press in plastic caps, etc. A very hard task to design a solution for each and every wheel and also while keeping stock for all of these things. So heres our solution.

1. Hex cap billet top halves of varied heights – We will soon be offering billet aluminum machined versions of the following heights – flat cap, 1/2 height hex, 1/2 height conical, full height hex all with the same 3 prong locking areas machined into the hex cap.
* shown are a few of the in process prototypes which are all now into production for an approx. completion April 1.

The flat cap in particular is an engineering nightmare. In order to have a plastic bottom, ability to fit the 70mm logos with the same locking system, and stay “flat” it took some serious time and modeling to make the part work just like the others. Huge benefits over the full billet caps being sold out there as the plastic threads are much more forgiving, do not fall off, and lock on tighter than that of the billet threads. We are very proud of this part getting to final production.

2. We are injection molding in abs plastic the bottoms just like factory did so many years ago – large thread (72mm) now in stock, small thread (58mm) now in stock, twist lock (bbs rf) now in stock, press in (bbs rm)-coming soon, and others. We will be stocking quantities of all of these different pieces and will update the webstore once each design finishes its initial production run. spinfab.bigcartel.com

3. you can now mix and match. You want full height billet hex caps for bbs rf because its never been done before, you will soon be able to select full height and RF and we will send out the set with the twist lock lower bottoms and full height billet tops. You want flat caps for RM, you select each in a drop down menu and will get those shipped to your door. Lets say in a year from now, you already own a version 3.0 set of hex caps for your bbs rs set and want to go from 1/4ht to half height, you will be able to disconnect the billet tops, and order just the alternate design billet tops off our site and pop them onto the lower threaded bottoms. You want to switch from a machined set of billet caps to ones that are neochomed next season, its as simple as disassembling, ordering and reassembling the cap with the new top halves.

speaking of neochrome caps, we now offer pvd neochrome finishes as well as neochrome hardware and neochrome valve stems

And all of these designs will be made to accept 70mm 3 prong oem logos just as do all of our cap designs produced here at the studio. And to hint at something else we will also be offering to add to the collection of rare resin bbs logo caps we offer – billet 70mm pop in logos as well with machined logos.. And now there will no longer be the discussion about having a set of metal threads on the caps as well as the wheel faces needing thread lock and/or having them stuck or loose like the competitors lesser quality parts. These will have plastic bottoms, much more forgiving in terms of working on say a damaged wheel face, and no more cross threading on the wheel. The plastic bottoms are much more friendly to heat, stay on the wheel better without backing off while driving at high speeds, less prone to being stolen etc. the benefits are numerous. While the plastic bottoms might not have as much of a “bling” factor as having aluminum threads, they do function overall better than the aluminum bottoms and are far more forgiving overall since all of our designs are being used by buyers on vintage wheels that have been around for some time, most of which are no longer in perfect shape.

As stated above, we are going to start the rollout of the version 3.0 line with threaded small and large threaded bottoms and half height billet hex tops starting immediately at the webstore. The options will then grow from there every few weeks, so stay tuned…. The spinfab.bigcartel.com site will undergo some changes once the full implementation of the designs happen to make the user experience far simpler. Start by choosing the wheel you have from a drop down menu, the type of hex top you want, then the ever growing list of finishes to choose from, and lastly add to it oem or aftermarket logos if needed.

renderings, images, and other info will be surfacing in bits and pieces for obvious reasons. This is a large undertaking as it requires designing, engineering, and machining a lot of different individual components to make a seamless overall line of product to sell. and we are venturing into the injection molded plastic parts as well as machined billet aluminum which opens up a whole new world of new techniques and things to learn.

oh and to show progress on a fun new product we have hinted at a few times… the new billet bbs steering wheel center horn

as do all of our products, this cap has been designed to replace the old yellowed or cracked plastic horn top from vintage BBS steering wheels with a billet aluminum cap. Clips onto the steering wheel in the same fashion as the original, and allows for matching 70mm logo caps to snap in to match your wheels! Perfect for the person obsessed with bringing the vintage details of their car to the next level. These are in production and have an eta. of April 1

NEW for 2015 – NEW Production ready DESIGNS IN BILLET: Post #2

To add to the items we are showcasing from the new product offering this year, here are a few more designs which are up on the site for immediate purchase


1. bbs RF hex tops v.2.0 – tweaks to the design which enable the use of the standard bbs hex tool to tighten and take off
2. bbs RS large thread half height billet hex – slight tweaks to the design to further engineer out unneeded weight, and couple with more threads
3. bbs RS small thread half height hex – rerun of past design with a few minor tweaks
4. bbs RS large thread premium hex caps – brand new design, machined bbs logos built into the design for the person wanting the truly premium set. can be entirely polished, plated, chromed, etc.. no need for the resin logos
5. bbs RS billet waffle plates – brand new design, full description below discussing the design and its vast improvements over oem.
6. bbs style 5 billet waffle plates to convert your style 5 into a large face bbs rs – brand new design, only one of its kind.
6. bbs style 5 billet waffle plates + 1/2 ht. hex caps drop in* – brand new design, only one of its kind, description and info below.
7. OZ futura center cap assemblies – brand new design, full description below discussing the design
8. BBS full height hex top sleeves for wheels with plastic hex caps – slight tweaks to the design to further engineer out unneeded weight and improved tightness over oem plastic hex caps

Months of planning, engineering, and machine time have gone into these new offerings. Our fourth product highlight is discussed below

4.bbs RS large thread premium hex caps – brand new design, machined bbs logos built into the design for the person wanting the truly premium set. can be entirely polished, plated, chromed, etc.. removes the pop in resin logos and replaces it with a much higher end machined logo.

The design question was fairly simple.. How do we simplify the billet half height hex cap assemblies we already produce (and are currently our best seller here at the studio) even further and allow for a cap that can be customized in its entirety? All original bbs logos from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s now are cracked and lifting from the heat, sun and age on plastic parts, and honestly the newness of a perfect logo in the center of the wheel really defines that of a well restored wheel.

heres our solution. Remove the resin logo altogether, follow the tolerances and overall shape of that domed cap from the original, and machine individual logos right into the face of the cap in a variety of logo lockups. Here are the two we are offering on the website


and the alternate version “designline” themed cap

these can be purchased immediately in the full mirror polish/machined logo options shown above, and in a few weeks in custom finishes, plating, chroming, etc.

now onto more pictures of the finished pieces since thats what everyone wants to see

mocked up with the BBS RS billet waffle plate

getting cleaned up and checked after the polishing and machining of the various logos for this batch

installed on a very special set of bbs strosek faces we have been working on in the off hours. 5×100/57.1 now, staggered pad heights, full mirror polish

teaser of the mocked up rear wheel before assembly. more info on this set will be up in the near future.

Again,these are available on the following link http://spinfab.bigcartel.com/product/bbs-conical-cap-set

here is a comparison of the 2 logo options on the strosek faces

insert picture


and just to drop another teaser of the part that is in prototyping stages now and will be offered in the fall months.. The spinFAB billet resin logo/horn button set for bbs steering wheels. The vintage steering wheels have been gaining in popularity lately. Unfortunately just like most vintage items, most need work, are in disrepair, logos are faded and yellowed, etc. One main feature of the bbs steering wheel is the center horn button which is in just about every case broken and faded. Well just like our generous offerings of billet and resin parts for the bbs line of 3 piece wheels, why not have that same offering for your matching steering wheel?

This item will be offered with a single oem logo or set of 4 bbs logos (1 of each color) and our newest designed billet horn button logo holder. presses and locks into the steering wheel like the original, all function of the button is retained, and you get the option of any 70mm logo to match that of your wheels.