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spinFab design studio is the culmination of years of automotive design and the addiction to all things spinning. spinFAB is a frame of mind that revolves around setting ideas into current automotive culture, and aims to provide the automotive and product design markets with ideas on one off quality design services and part production, for that project sitting in your garage.

This site serves the purpose of keeping people up to date on our current projects as they happen, keeps current the list of products being designed in the studio (and how you can get your hands on them), and lastly aims to blog current automotive trend and our part in it.

We have a passion for combining oem with one off designs, and the aftermarket into a seamless package. If a design can be improved upon, the team sets out to experiment with it, until the improvements become obvious. Simplicity is a driving factor in our teams design philosophy, and simplifying things to their core elements, usually makes them function more effectively.

enjoy! if you have any thoughts on how spinFAB can make your project ideas come to life, email us info@spinfab.net
Hey, we may just be able to help..

6 thoughts on “What We Do

  1. I have a set of rs that i would like to rebuild. Where are you guys located so i can bring them down. Thank You

  2. Hey Vince I have seen the awesome work you have done for Walt’s projects and I really want to sit down and talk over what I have in mind for a set of wheels for my Corrado. Seeing my old Schmidts as wide as you made them makes me wish I never got rid of them. Look forward to hearing from you.

  3. Hi I was wondering how can I order a set of BBS RS? I’m looking for 16×8 for the front and 16×9 on the rear? And how much is the shipping because I live in Hawaii. I’m trying to find a set but I think you guys might be my only shot?

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