Starting today september 1 and running till Monday night september 4 at midnight, we are running a sale for all of our blog viewers.

If you enter code ENDOFSUMMER at checkout, you will receive 15% off your entire parts order. Spinfab.bigcartel.com

The sale includes all parts other than complete wheels

Please email info@spinfab.net if there are any questions or issues with the code at checkout.

We have also added in premium plated combination sets to the parts list on Spinfab.bigcartel.com these are hex cap and assembly bolt/nut combos that are all plated to match. Currently running 24k gold, 18k rose gold, black chrome, and triple chrome plated combination sets! Now you can run matching hex caps and hardware without having to look anywhere else. The combinations are good for a variety of wheels and hex cap designs on our site so if you don’t see the combination in the ad send over a quick email and we can confirm. Here are a few combos we are plating

Bbs rs small thread
Bbs rs large thread
Bbs rf hex tops
Style 5 3 piece- O ring- for use with our style5 billet waffle plates
Bbs full height hex tops

In combination with

M7x32 bolts plus serrated nuts
M8x32 bolts plus serrated nuts

Again please email info@spinfab.net if you want to check in on stock of a specific combination

Spinfab.bigcartel.com ENDOFSUMMER sale offer till midnight Monday 9/4

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