Spinfab BBS steering wheel center cap adapter: NOW AVAILABLE

BBS steering wheel center cap adapter – late spring 2017 AVAILABLE NOW. please head over to spinfab.bigcartel.com to purchase

To dive a bit more into the details of this product and its purpose, BBS steering wheels came from a variety of places back in the day, in a variety of leather/rubber/plastic/wood/fake woodgrain combos; One thing that did come with every steering wheel though is that clear resin bbs logo/horn push in the center. The clear resin probably looked great in the ’80s, unfortunately 37 years later we can’t say the same… yellowed, cracked, barely working or missing entirely seems to be the way to describe most if not all of the center horn bbs buttons. And there is no current solution for replacement. They aren’t sold anymore, and can’t really be fixed as they are thin resin. Once resin yellows or stress cracks, there isn’t any going back from it. A sticker could do, but if you have a steering wheel worth 500-750$, who the hell wants to put a cheap sticker on it..

Our solution – We have designed and engineered an adapter cap that locks into the steering wheel horn base in the same way as the original.. But allows for use of the same 3 prong 70mm bbs logos to pop into it just like all of out bbs center caps. Now you can mix and match your bbs logos on your steering wheel just like your 3 piece bbs wheels.

Installation is very simple. Twist your old resin button to the left to remove it off of the horn button, twist and lock this new adapter into that same horn button base on the steering wheel, and press in the 70mm logo. if you want to switch the bbs center cap on the adapter, remove it by twisting out of the horn base, turn it over exposing a hole from the backside, stick a finger in and press out the 70mm logo. the repeat the installation process. Take note of the pictures, if you have the horn assembly that looks like these pictures, your installation will take under 1 minute just as shown here.

the set is being marketed on our web store as a combo including a single 70mm bbs logo + matte black ABS adapter cap. You’ll have your choice from the bbs logo caps we stock as well, so you only have to go to one place if you need 4 caps for your wheels and 1 cap for your steering wheel.
*steering wheel sold separately, steering wheel horn base assembly sold separately.

again, please head over to spinfab.bigcartel.com to purchase

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