2017 Lineup + New Designs

2017 is a big year for us at Spinfab design studio, and we are adjusting our focus and working on some solid projects to bring to the market for the upcoming year!


1.BBS Motorsport division billet aluminum center caps – starting with 2 designs for a variety of motorsport wheels AVAILABLE NOW
2.BBS steering wheel center cap adapter – late spring 2017 AVAILABLE NOW
3.1/2 height billet hex V4.0 (large, small thread sizes) AVAILABLE NOW
4.1/2 height conical billet V4.0 (large, small thread sizes) late Summer 2017
5.Wheel halves – widened array of lips and barrels – way more applications 16″,17″,18″ and 19″ outers and inners

A little more information on the first two below.

Here @ spinfab design studio, we are constantly trying to push ideas, stay ahead and influence trends, and constantly push the research/development side of the projects. From minor tweaks to a design to allow a part to perform better or become lighter while not sacrificing anything else, we are constantly looking to push the envelope to design parts that look like they should have come this way from the beginning. Our competitors have been known to purchase and copy parts we have out, but rather than focus energy on fighting this we would rather spend the energy tweaking and perfecting those products. Some lead, others follow..

For us, the past few years have solely been spent on vintage wheels, and the “way they should have been” but thats only one part of the business. The BBS motorsport division has been gaining recognition and becoming more mainstream as of recent, but for years there was no real access to the general public, no way to get your hands on a motorsport set that could also be potentially also be used on the street.. etc.

we plan to make all of these things a reality. We now are official resellers of the US BBS Motorsport Division. And are designing parts from wheel halves to center caps for these applications; the blending the bbs motorsport lineup with street friendly applications is going to be a newly added target for the studio. Plan to see new products coming up in the new year! Starting with these bbs motorsport billet center cap adapters

#1.BBS Motorsport division billet aluminum center caps (jan.15 2017 launch)

motorsports wheels almost never run center caps. but street cars look odd without center caps… so what do you do? You purchase the new bbs motorsport billet center cap adapters.

the aim is simple. design a part that has little to no weight to keep in line with the philosophy of the motorsports line, no modification to the wheel whatsoever, and be able to fit 70mm bbs 3 prong logos (like every product in our center cap lineup).

machining out of 7075 billet aerospace grade aluminum and keeping a very small footprint (about 5/8″ tall) while machining down every bit of unneeded area from the cap allows for a final weight of 3oz. again, motorsport themed cap to complement your motorsport wheel

There are initially 2 variants -

A. utilizing the 3 small m4 tapped holes on the face of many bbs motorsport wheels (E88 for example) these caps attach to the wheel face in a seamless manner and allow for the use of 70mm bbs 3 prong logos

B. utilizing a small channel on most bbs motorsport wheel faces, these caps push on and lock onto the face without any visible hardware and allow for use of 70mm bbs 3 prong logos

#2. BBS billet aluminum steering wheel center cap adapter – Both billet and ABS plastic options in engineering

BBS steering wheels came from a variety of places back in the day, in a variety of leather/rubber/plastic/fake woodgrain combos; One thing that did come with every one though is that clear resin bbs logo/horn push in the center. The clear resin probably looked great in the ’80s, unfortunately 37 years later we can’t say the same… yellowed, cracked, barely working seems to be the way to describe most if not all of the center horn bbs buttons. And there is no current solution for replacement. They aren’t sold anymore, and can’t really be fixed. Once resin yellows or stress cracks, there isn’t any going back

Our solution – billet aluminum machined adapter ring that slots into the steering wheel in the same way as the original.. But allowing for those same 3 prong 70mm bbs logos to pop into it. Now you can mix and match your logos with your wheels.

the set is being marketed as a combo bbs logo + billet adapter cap, or a bbs logo + ABS adapter cap. You’ll have your choice from the bbs logo caps we stock as well, so you only have to go to one place if you need 4 caps for your wheels and 1 cap for your steering wheel.
*steering wheel sold separately, steering wheel horn assembly sold separately.


With all of this, we are pleased to announce that we will no longer be refinishing wheels or building vintage wheel sets for market as our focuses have shifted solely to design/engineering/machining of parts for market. We do still have a few completed sets left over from winter available, so if one of these strikes your interest, feel free to email over to purchase. Updated april 1

5×112 18×9 / 18×10 oz futura – brushed faces, black chrome details 3.3k – available on our webstore – still able to change sizing as well to fit your application

We do have close relationships to several refinishing houses still, so if that is what you’re looking for, send over an email and we can refer you to one of these refinishing houses.

Thanks all and enjoy 2017!

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