2016 Style 5 billet waffle plate/hex combo – Order Now!


The sales for the first production run of the bbs style 5 billet waffle plate/hex combo in 2015 were so overwhelming that we decided to put this into our permanent collection and do a 2016 run with further improvements to the design! thanks to everyone much for your support. We will continue to design and engineer parts just like this combo that are only offered through our studio.

The second major production run is just about complete (March 30, 2016). As a thank you, the Pre-order for this production run offially opens TODAY Wednesday Mar.23, and all preorders ordered before March 30 will receive the pre-order price which is 10% off retail. Price will go back up to the normal rate on the 30th when all stock is ready to ship

Please add in the Discount code PREORDER to receive the 10% off during this time

examples of a few of the installed sets in various finishes.


Just to jump back to the initial info offered on this piece which has now had about a year of use in the market, and so far the response has been great
bbs style 5 billet waffle plates to convert your style 5 into a “large face bbs rs” – brand new design 2015


We went back to the drawing board on this one. most buy the style 5 wheel because it looks similar to the arguably most popular wheel of all time, the bbs rs. The style 5 is cheaper to find, more common, came as factory equipment on a few cars, and is a simpler 2 piece construction (face + barrel). Unfortunately there are downsides to this wheel being a cheaper wheel, most notably the center cap assemblies being made of plastic.. Limits buyers to either not running a center cap at all, or having to paint the wheel face and center cap rather than powder coat. You don’t see polished style5 wheels out there for a reason; the center cap being made of plastic limits the potential of this wheel

we have been for a few years machining style 5 wheel faces with weld in threaded center bore sleeves (not offered for sale to the general public) and coupling this with machined oem bbs waffle plates and our half height billet hex caps, but the amount of work, time, and the fact that the oem rs waffle plate spokes don’t line up exactly with that of the style 5 face caused us to want to rethink the whole thing, which has been the driving force behind this project. Reference picture below of the machined in threaded center bore sleeve that is still offered on a custom set going through the full treatment (style 5 3 piece 18″ shown).

for the normal buyer though wanting an easier alternative-

style 5 billet waffle plates. drop in to the style 5 face, can be coupled with our drop in half height center caps for a seamless install with no modification to the actual wheel** Now you can finish the wheel to whatever finish you can think of, have the look of a bbs rs, and now even have more opportunities to fit newer cars with our 3 piece conversions to 18″ and 19″ sizing.. A major benefit to this is that the style 5 face is way larger in diameter than the bbs rs faces out there, and doesn’t need a huge slanted lip to upsize the wheel to 18″ or 19″ sizes/ Lets face it, the double and triple step designs are awesome because they make a wheel suited for early ’90s cars in 16″ size and allow them to be built to larger diameters to suit more modern day cars, but they really are a love it or hate it thing. Why not start with a larger diameter face and couple with a simple stepped lip to make a 19″ wheel suitable for most cars of today.

the waffle plate and hex with a style 5 (rc090) face

waffle plate fitment

press in the hex to hold it down

add your 70mm bbs logos (can be found in our webstore)

machined to perfectly match up with that of the style 5 face. before the only option was machining down oem waffle plates which left you with mismatched spokes almost 2mm off of each other

vs the oem waffle plate being machined to fit, and unfortunately still not lining up exactly

These will be available for ship in the month of July from our webstore


picture comparison of 18″ rs triple step vs 19″ style5 3 piece conversion to come shortly. for now, the two faces (17″ RS & RC090 style5) for comparison

can you tell the difference anymore? 16″ rs face vs 17″ style 5 face with our billet drop in additions shown… upsizing the very small bbs rs face to 18″ requires triple upsizing while 18″ in the style 5 converted “rs” requires a standard stepped lip and 19″ requires a double step. finally options for a larger faced timeless wheel

To be clear, the billet style 5 waffle plate is not the same part as the rs billet waffle plate, and shares nothing in its design. both have different thicknesses, different overall diameters, different center holes, and the actual pattern itself is not even the same.

These need to be ordered for the correct wheel when ordering off of our site. Info can be found on the big cartel link, and or by email info@spinfab.net

Again, all of this can be looked at in further detail at the spinfab store spinfab.bigcartel.com

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