V3.0 Hex Cap expanded line in the works. Mix and Match

V3.0 – Any BBS wheel; Any spinfab billet center cap

Our best seller in the small automotive part designs here at spinFAB design studio continues to be the half height threaded billet hex caps for bbs rs and others http://spinfab.bigcartel.com/product/spinfab-bbs-half-height-billet-abs-plastic-hex-caps-large-thread. We started producing the first batch of these back in early 2011, an a lot has grown since then. The version 2.0 design that has been primarily sold through most of 2014/2015 allowed for further engineering off of weight, even better threading ability in both small and large thread size, and varied heights (1/2 and 1/3) + a wide array of custom finish options offered on spinfab.bigcartel.com.

Well, we felt the need to take everything a few steps further to keep pushing the ideas forward and also to keep testing our abilities, and as a result: now in the works is version 3.0 of the hex cap line of products.. Yes a full line of billet hex cap products. Very excited to hint at this project which is going to be rolled out in a few stages as its quite a complex engineering project. The first of the stage of this rollout happened last week with the introduction of the small thread and large thread half height hex V3.0 for immediate sale. This is the only center cap line, and will grow to cover the wide array of vintage bbs wheels out there.

The premise is simple. There are a lot of vintage bbs wheels out there that could benefit from the addition of billet hex caps, but some of these wheels came from the factory threaded with various thread sizes, some with clip on bottoms, some twist locking bottoms, some just press in plastic caps, etc. A very hard task to design a solution for each and every wheel and also while keeping stock for all of these things. So heres our solution.

1. Hex cap billet top halves of varied heights – We will soon be offering billet aluminum machined versions of the following heights – flat cap, 1/2 height hex, 1/2 height conical, full height hex all with the same 3 prong locking areas machined into the hex cap.
* shown are a few of the in process prototypes which are all now into production for an approx. completion April 1.

The flat cap in particular is an engineering nightmare. In order to have a plastic bottom, ability to fit the 70mm logos with the same locking system, and stay “flat” it took some serious time and modeling to make the part work just like the others. Huge benefits over the full billet caps being sold out there as the plastic threads are much more forgiving, do not fall off, and lock on tighter than that of the billet threads. We are very proud of this part getting to final production.

2. We are injection molding in abs plastic the bottoms just like factory did so many years ago – large thread (72mm) now in stock, small thread (58mm) now in stock, twist lock (bbs rf) now in stock, press in (bbs rm)-coming soon, and others. We will be stocking quantities of all of these different pieces and will update the webstore once each design finishes its initial production run. spinfab.bigcartel.com

3. you can now mix and match. You want full height billet hex caps for bbs rf because its never been done before, you will soon be able to select full height and RF and we will send out the set with the twist lock lower bottoms and full height billet tops. You want flat caps for RM, you select each in a drop down menu and will get those shipped to your door. Lets say in a year from now, you already own a version 3.0 set of hex caps for your bbs rs set and want to go from 1/4ht to half height, you will be able to disconnect the billet tops, and order just the alternate design billet tops off our site and pop them onto the lower threaded bottoms. You want to switch from a machined set of billet caps to ones that are neochomed next season, its as simple as disassembling, ordering and reassembling the cap with the new top halves.

speaking of neochrome caps, we now offer pvd neochrome finishes as well as neochrome hardware and neochrome valve stems

And all of these designs will be made to accept 70mm 3 prong oem logos just as do all of our cap designs produced here at the studio. And to hint at something else we will also be offering to add to the collection of rare resin bbs logo caps we offer – billet 70mm pop in logos as well with machined logos.. And now there will no longer be the discussion about having a set of metal threads on the caps as well as the wheel faces needing thread lock and/or having them stuck or loose like the competitors lesser quality parts. These will have plastic bottoms, much more forgiving in terms of working on say a damaged wheel face, and no more cross threading on the wheel. The plastic bottoms are much more friendly to heat, stay on the wheel better without backing off while driving at high speeds, less prone to being stolen etc. the benefits are numerous. While the plastic bottoms might not have as much of a “bling” factor as having aluminum threads, they do function overall better than the aluminum bottoms and are far more forgiving overall since all of our designs are being used by buyers on vintage wheels that have been around for some time, most of which are no longer in perfect shape.

As stated above, we are going to start the rollout of the version 3.0 line with threaded small and large threaded bottoms and half height billet hex tops starting immediately at the webstore. The options will then grow from there every few weeks, so stay tuned…. The spinfab.bigcartel.com site will undergo some changes once the full implementation of the designs happen to make the user experience far simpler. Start by choosing the wheel you have from a drop down menu, the type of hex top you want, then the ever growing list of finishes to choose from, and lastly add to it oem or aftermarket logos if needed.

renderings, images, and other info will be surfacing in bits and pieces for obvious reasons. This is a large undertaking as it requires designing, engineering, and machining a lot of different individual components to make a seamless overall line of product to sell. and we are venturing into the injection molded plastic parts as well as machined billet aluminum which opens up a whole new world of new techniques and things to learn.

oh and to show progress on a fun new product we have hinted at a few times… the new billet bbs steering wheel center horn

as do all of our products, this cap has been designed to replace the old yellowed or cracked plastic horn top from vintage BBS steering wheels with a billet aluminum cap. Clips onto the steering wheel in the same fashion as the original, and allows for matching 70mm logo caps to snap in to match your wheels! Perfect for the person obsessed with bringing the vintage details of their car to the next level. These are in production and have an eta. of April 1

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