Build recap: Rodolfo’s 964 build via

A few months back, we were in talks about a possible porsche project coming to life on the west coast that we here at spinfab design studio needed to be a part of. The build- 964 carrera 4. the client- Rodolfo – emortal over @

The initial talks were fun in that they seemed to be stretching reality when it came to what was being discussed, mostly in the sizing and specs department. This type of project that pushes the limits always turns out the be the most fun type of project for all involved. A project that starts with a little bit of disbelief in its goal set feeds the interest in the project. When it moves forward through the entire process in a way that inspires total confidence in the build team taking on this seemingly impossible task, the final product never fails to impress. I personally had a lot of hesitation early on with the proposed sizing of the wheel set for the 964 as it seemed that the wheel halves we were going to be using were too aggressive from the narrow bodied 964s previously looked over and measured by the team for previous project concepting. Lots of back and forth and we were reassured that if we built it, the car would be adjusted and tweaked to make it all work. And in its current form, one can see that is exactly what took place here.

The direction was simple. 5×130 low pad small faces upsized to 18″, as wide as we could think of fitting on this chassis, and then finished to concours quality; triple chromed faces and waffles, 24k gold plated details, bubble outer halves coupled with stepped inner halves, and whatever else we could think up along the way.

lets let the pictures do the talking. Again, a huge success and hats off to the team at becausebags, the crew, and all others involved in the build process. We look forward to being a part of many future projects with you guys.

more pictures to come as they surface. Credit goes out to each of the photographers who snapped these pictures. If you see a picture needing credit, let us know and we will add it in.

the assembled set we hinted at a few months back after completion. triple chromed faces/ waffles, 24k everything else, oem bbs white/gold logos, mirror polished bubble outers, satin black stepped inners for brake clearance.

and on the completed build:

heres a short video that just surfaced from Mike Koziel, photographer out of NJ

more to come. This certainly is just the beginning as we know this project will be getting a lot of attention in the upcoming show season.

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