newborns for fall

Here are a few of the fun vintage wheel builds over the past month or two to share. We will be lessening the vintage wheel builds entirely at the studio in order to make room for the NEW commissioned complete custom one off 3 piece sets (under the spinfab.invitational), and the ever expanding automotive part production and future small goods line; so if you would like a vintage set for the upcoming season, let us know sooner than later.

17″ rf build_textured/matte finishes

polished vs. triple chrome… can you tell which is which?

champagne metallic/ 24k_ one of our favorite color combinations over here at the studio. this set has abnormally large upsized lips, cant wait to see them fitted to the vehicle they are slated for.

upsized gloss white/ 24k set going all the way to japan for a special project. This isn’t our first set sent across the world, but this is the first of a few sets being built for the japanese market. Looking forward to future sets on builds over there.

black chrome on black chrome on black chrome on gloss black… every little detail has been scoured over. just about impossible to shoot photos of these damn things because of the crazy reflections of everything. these are the better of the attempts. This is a pretty rare 5×112 /57.1 original set that was built originally for an audi from the factory in 16″ sizing.. has since been upsized to 18″ and many weeks later finished as shown. One of the craziest vintage sets we’ve had roll through our studio.

Frost matte silver powder with matte gunmetal plated hex and black hardware.

some of our recent custom plating tests… triple plated rose gold spinfab half height hex/ hardware, copper plated hex, 24k plated hex, black smoke chrome conicals.. the crazy finishes are getting insane over here. these can be purchased at any time from our store

if anyone has questions or wants to order something that is shown here, email please allow 48 or so hours for a response as the volume of emails has been growing exponentially.

and just to finish off this post, here is a quick teaser picture of one of our own projects underway here at the studio, and the 24 hour 3 piece build. A lot more info to come on this, as we are very excited to show it off

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