All big cartel orders shipping this week

Just an update that all big cartel orders for hex caps and such will be shipping out this week. We have our first batch of polished hex caps back and will be shipping all of them out this week for the past two weeks orders. Thanks to everyone for the support, and keep the orders coming

here is a quick sample of the completed mirror polished half height hex caps (threaded) on the track set of bbs RS that are now up for sale as a complete wheel and tire set. 18×10.5 all around with 265/40/18 Bridgestone RE-01r competition spec tires, built for the 370z/350z/g35 platform, as well as the z32, s14/s15 240sx platforms

we also now have more items in the updated big cartel store including the full line of hex caps, logos, wheels, decals, and soon to be added small goods line of product.

we will also add a few wheels from time to time that are complete and ready for immediate sale if a buyer doesn’t want the completely custom wheel build that has a lead time. obviously the track RS set will be the first to go up since its complete and ready for immediate sale

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