Our 2014 spinFAB hex cap line designs in further detail: #2- the billet aluminum RF/RM/RS Hex top

To continue the information on the latest hex cap designs, here is design #2 for 2014.. the bbs RF hex top. Can be used on just about any bbs wheel to replace the plastic hex that comes on so many models, most notably the bbs rf as shown in the coming pictures. The item we designed and produced is a billet aluminum hex top that is made to work with your existing lower cap assembly. This way, the price point is cheaper as you use some of your existing parts, you can finish these hex tops in any way you could like, and as always these fit standard 70.6mm 3 prong bbs logos just like the originals and all of our other designs.

these can be purchased now on our store spinfab.bigcartel.com

here is a little info on how easy it is to assemble and use.

here is a list of some parts you’ll need. this example demonstrates on a bbs RF or RS lower half. the rs lower half is the threaded lower half, the rf is the snap on lower half in the pictures..

the old plastic hex assembly is in the top right of this image. in order to take it apart, one has to remove the logo cap, and then push the three tabs that anchor the old plastic hex to the lower half of the cap assembly. The plastic hex may break, doesn’t matter as its getting tossed in the trash. the lower half is the part you need to save for re-use here.

this is what you’ll be left with in the top half of this next image (RF lower half to the left, rs lower half to the right)

underside of the new billet hex cap (shown in raw machined finish)

take the new aluminum half height hex after polishing plating or finishing it of course, and push onto the plastic bottom half. be sure in the case of the bbs RF, that you remember the orientation and insert the RF waffle before locking all of these pieces together. Better explanation of this to come when we take more pictures.

snapped in prior to logo assembly

with logos pressed into hex below

- on threaded RS bottom

-on RF snap on bottom

with RF waffle and installed on bbs rf

closeup of raw machined finish hex prior to any finishing

as always, these can be purchased now on our store spinfab.bigcartel.com

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