Our 2014 spinFAB hex cap line designs in further detail: #4- the style 5/19 hex sleeve

We will be doing a small showcase of the caps that are now available for purchase over at


one of which is a completely new design never before offered to market by anyone.. the style 5 billet aluminum 3/4ht hex cap (patent pending).

the style 5/19 series of wheels were originally offered at a cheaper price point, with notable features that set them apart from the more expensive 3 piece wheels offered at the time. One of these things is a hex cap/ waffle combination that is made of abs plastic.. unfortunately this has limited many people when rebuilding these things to have to paint the wheel faces, because the plastic cap assemblies had to be painted. The hex being plastic didn’t have a lot of options for it, real bbs logos didn’t fit it, and there was no way to polish, plate, powder coat, etc the hex cap to add some variation.

well now there is.

Our hex sleeve was designed in house to eliminate all of these shortcomings, and allow the style 5/19 owners to have a piece that could be finished in any way possible, and also accept the standard bbs 3 prong 70mm logo which has never been offered before.

the installation is also a breeze as well. we’ve over engineered this one so that the fitment is perfect, and the installation couldn’t be any simpler.

here are the parts (logos and oem plastic style parts sold separately)

Simply take the new hex cap sleeve and finish to your liking (mirror polish, gold plate, powdercoat, anodizeā€¦). we offer a few options at additional cost over at

take the old plastic waffle and hex assembly and drill a 3/8″ hole in the center of where the logo would sit on the plastic. Right where the dimple is located in this picture above

take industrial grade silicone and place a small bead around the old plastic hex cap at the base. flip the hex cap sleeve over as shown as it will be sliding over the plastic hex once the sealant tacks up in about 2 minutes time.

take the hex sleeve and slide over top of the plastic assembly as shown

now take your favorite bbs rs or rf logo cap and pop the 3 prong cap onto it (70.6mm 3 prong standard bbs logo)

underside of the logo/ sleeve fitment-

allow the silicone bead to cure for 24 hours and install back onto the wheel.

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