Many builds being wrapped up at the moment. Thanks for everyones patience on the current sets being built for the season fast approaching. here are a few of the numerous wheel sets we are wrapping up to suit a variety of builds from show cars, to daily drivers, to race cars across the pond.. more to come.

18×9/10 5×100 build for a local friends audi tt update

16″ 5×100 build

15″ E78 magnesium race set (for sale)

18″ chrome/gold plated set going on a particular 964

metallic silver/ black chrome 18″ 5×112 set

you can see how much the sun affects the black chrome color (look at bottom vs top bolts)

18″ e46 custom style 19 set (for sale) more info on this set to come

17″ face mounted custom metallic red with gold sparkle set: also more on this set as it showcases the proper way to face mount a wheel like this without putting stress on the hardware

more to come… we have a lot more sets in the works


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