2014 Hex Cap Line! first images

4/25/14 Just as the title states, all hex cap designs are all complete and just about ready for sale!


new designs for 2014

bbs RF aluminum hex tops to replace the RF plastic hex
bbs style 5/19 hex sleeves
bbs rs premium hex with aluminum logos
bbs rs 1/2 and 1/3ht hex caps

we will also have the opportunity to sell sets with 09.24.028 waffles soon for an additional fee. this will be on a case by case basis due to the rarity of these waffles

pulled a few of the caps out for some initial pictures- raw just off the cmc machine, no finishing yet. polished and plated pictures to come.


just like the rendering, here is some final computer models vs the real thing

these designs were actually quite complex in nature, but work far better than the originals, and play off of our 2012-13 designs with added functionality..

more on the individual designs and how they function to come shortly.

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