Then and now.. The other RS builds

We’ve built and collected hundreds of bbs rs sets over the years at the studio, each one is its own unique being. One example of such, back in 2011 I decided that having a 6 pot stoptech bbk on a street car didn’t have to mean that I had to call a flatbed if the project fairlady ever got a flat tire.. And this thought sparked a custom single wheel build that started quite a trend after we revealed it. With that, here is another project we have been working on, likely to follow up with the same result.

2011 the bbs rs 16×4.5″ RSspare, and the 2014 bbs RSmoto 17″ motorcycle rear wheel…

so, the fairlady spare tire has had a few refreshes since its original conception a few years back, but the result remains. The use of a fully functional, oem fitting spare tire that could clear a large big brake kit, fit in a spare tire well, and look the part as well while doing it. This latest iteration (about a year old at this point but never debut) wears a frozen grey color scheme and set of details that to a wheel whore might blow a few minds. The wheel is a 16×4.5 with a -64mm offset. yes, 4.5″ wide with a -64mm offset meaning that the back pad sits just past the edge of the inner barrel.. allowing the wheel to bolt right up to the fairladys hub, fit snugly to the fender, and clear the massive caliper/rotor that is physically larger in diameter than the wheel itself is.. oh and all while fitting the original equipment 125/90/16 temporary use tire of 1990


oh and again for the detail whores, take note of the m8 ARP assembly hardware. 5th wheel of the only set to date with these details.. about 1200$ in hardware to make it happen. Only here


now we loved that spareRS project and since has sparked quite a few project ideas for us at the studio. One of which we will hint at here before getting bolted onto its respected project.

project RSmoto

the RSmoto project has been ongoing for the past few months surrounding a bike build of a client. We wanted to push building a wheel and tire set that would fit like an original equipment wheel on this particular motorcycle, but in a way that displays the wacky ideas at the studio coming to life.. Custom hub was machined for the motorcycle, and then the wheel was machined to mate to the custom hub. All in a way that will function as well if not better than the original, weighing less than the wheel it replaced, and getting a bigger motorcycle tire to the ground. Oh and not to mention, 4×100/57.1, so the wheel once again could be dual purposed and used on a 4×100 car as a spare tire.

17×6.5″ in width, utilizing our custom mirror polished inner and outer upsized wheel halves, the RSmoto wheel puts together some of the current products we offer on cars, but in a new way. Gold plated hardware, textured grey face, and a translucent gold conical cap/white/gold logo set complete the details of this particular project.

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