Vintage Compomotive Splits- ready for modern cars

Here at the studio, we work on an awful lot of wheel builds, some of which are purposely done over time in order for us to work down to the last of the small details that make these sets what they are.. We have three sets of compomotive wheels that have been waiting patiently at our shop for us to plan out some wild sets for quite some time. Vintage race in feel, but able to mount onto a modern day car.

and here is a preview of these sets (which are available for immediate purchase)

18″ 5×120 compomotive 3 piece splits. 2 styles from the early 1980s, forged wheel halves, ready for three very lucky bmw owners.

these three one off sets have been in process for quite some time, and things like researching the time appropriate (late ’70s-early ’80s) race logos, and hours upon hours of researching, compiling, and illustrator work reproducing them to brand new standards are what brings these things to the next level. This after spinning time appropriate tall and short conical center caps for these to match the original set images from back in the day. We were able to get our hands on some very rare, unopened and completely original sales brochures for early 1980s compomotive lineup, and this helped immensely in planning the details that would set these sets far apart from the ever growing list 3 piece wheels popping up everywhere.

Obviously the company compomotive is now out of business (bankruptcy) which makes getting information on things like logos next to impossible. but that doesn’t stop us

finding actual semi close up images of these caps prove to be quite a bit more complex than we initially anticipated, but we wound up finding pictures and superimposing them together to then be able to scale and start to re-draw in vector format.

Next was the figuring of overall color schemes, and then preparation of the faces for this process.. Quite a lengthy job at hand. Each of the faces were chemically stripped, glass bead blasted, hand prepped until the surfaces were clean and free of any imperfections, then 2 stage powder coated gloss black. Next comes the fun part… placed on the mill and hand milled the flat portion of the spokes back to raw aluminum. Next- Mounting each of the faces to the machine and hand brushing the faces radially from center outward. Then back in for some gloss clear powder to finish it all off.

wheel halves- completely blank slanted wheel halves were produced, and placed on the cnc machine to bore out to the correct face size. drilled for the 20 bolt application, and then sent in for some finishing. outer lips mirrored to perfection, and inner barrels satin black powder

some m6 stainless steel hardware and sealing, and here you have it. One off 18″ compomotive sets that are sure to impress.. and being the only 18″ sets ever done, they won’t be on every other car at the next show.

Again, there are only 3 sets available immediately. two sets of the CX mesh and one set of the FX 5 spoke. as always, for more info.

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